Primary Material

Wool– Holds Colours quite well
-Easy to wash and will generally go back to his original look and feel
– Excellent elastic memory
– Anti-static
– Easy to repair
– Good at repelling stains and dirt
– Biodegradable / Non-toxic
– Inexpensive wools can have a rougher feel
– Vulnerable to insect attack
Silk– Nothing beats feel of a 100% silk rug– Difficult and expensive to clean
– Moderate elastic memory
– Once you clean a silk, it will never truly feel the same
(Art Silk, Bamboo Silk, Rayon etc.)
– Similar silky feel as real silk
– Inexpensive
– Difficult and expensive to clean
– Poor elastic memory / mats easily
– Traffic and stains set in deep
– Cellulose browning may occur after washing
Polypropylene / Nylon / Olefin– Very inexpensive
– Fairly durable
– Inexpensive to clean
– Can mat easily and there is no ability to revive the fibre
– Repairs can be difficult and will often exceed the value of the rug
(Jute, Sisal etc.)
– Unique look
– Quite inexpensive
– Difficult and expensive to clean
– Prone to shrinking and going out-of -shape
– Discolour and fade easily
– Stains are very difficult to remove
– Repair is difficult and expensive
Cotton– Silky feel
– Inexpensive
– Colours fade and run very easily and will continue to fade with every wash
– Mats very easily
Hides & Skins– Unique look
– Inexpensive
– Difficult and expensive to clean
– Will shrink and warp
– Edges will curl with use
– White sheep skins will naturally turn back to yellow over time
– Leather will dry out over time
– Expensive to repair